Tallinn, Estonia


A magic farland called Estonia, next to Finland, Russia, and Latvia is situated in North-Eastern Europe. In its capital Tallinn you can find our yoga studio - Inbodhi Yoga Tallinn, which is in the center of the historical Old Town, which is one of the best-preserved medieval town centers in the world. Tallinn is also one of the oldest capital cities in Northern Europe.


With its four seasons, Estonia can offer a mystical summer where the sun doesn’t set and winters full of snow. You can call us treehuggers with our ancient belief that everything has a soul. With its mythology about gnomes, fairies, and other supernatural forces of past times, some trees are still considered holy. 


About 50% of Estonia´s territory are forests, that have historically fed and offered shelter in the harsh northern weather conditions. While many Estonians today live a busy suburban lifestyle, that you can experience in the numerous little cafeterias and world-class restaurants we still continue to seek the forest as a place to balance the body and the mind.

Welcome to Inbodhi - A Yoga Centre. Viru 3-4, Tallinn, Estonia. Easy access on foot and with public transport (paid parking in EuroPark and Viru Keskus).

OÜ Its Yoga Tallinn


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Prices starting with 25€/h (minimum length of renting is 2h)


Open space in the Tallinn Old Town. Possible to rent in the hours outside of the timetable. There are mats, blocks, belts, pillows, blankets and an opportunity to use the shower in the studio.

Image by 五玄土 ORIENTO

Contact us for more details about the tea ceremony, meditation or yoga.


Want to have a different kind of a birthday, or a wedding gift? Inbodhi Yoga Tallinn offers a private tea ceremony, meditation and yoga for that. Have a fun and insightful day for those special moments. 

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