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"Ei ole mujale minna. Ega muud teha. Ega keegi teine olla." – Larry Schultz

Wed, Jul 15
It's Yoga Tallinn
Rocket® Foundations (RYT 100h)
IYI 301 is designed to support current yoga instructors to learn the tools and techniques of Ashtanga, from a modern perspective. This course is registered by YA towards RYT300 and with It's Yoga® International towards IYI 300 Certified Rocket® Instructors Program. 200 Hr. certification required!
Sat, Sep 19
Location is TBD
Weekend Yoga Teacher Training (200hr)
This may be just what you need. Find CLARITY in your life, WAKE UP your inner teacher, COMMIT to a regular self-practice and share the LOVE of yoga. Yoga Alliance RYT 200h Weekend Teacher Training. The It's Yoga 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training is OPEN TO ALL! 8 Weekends. Sept-April!
Sun, Jun 27
Location is TBD
Yoga Alliance RYT 200h Teacher Training
IT'S YOGA TEACHER TRAINING (200h Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) Join the silent revolution!
Mon, Jul 19
Location is TBD
Rocket® Take Off Training (RYT 100h)
This 302 course is registered by Yoga Alliance towards RYT 300h and with It's Yoga® International towards IYI 500 Certified Rocket® Instructors Program. (200h IYI or 301 IYI certification required) 
 Join the silent revolution!
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